All you need is a chunky cable knit scarf.  Use one from your collection, check the thrift store, or buy one at the store (I bought this one at Walmart for $8?  Maybe $10?).

The ends are cut off, rolled under, and sewn in place.  You can’t even tell that this was originally a long scarf with fringed ends.

The scarf is wrapped around twice (however, if your scarf is super chunky and wide, you could just do once)……and then button off to the side.  And nope, no button holes to worry about if your knit has wide enough gaps in it to fit your buttons through.

Sure……keeping my scissors away from this scarf and just wearing it like normal works just fine.  But turning it into a cowl (or , I guess mine is kind of like an infinity cowl), is just something new.  And adds a fun detail to your wardrobe.

I love a little variety! 🙂

Wanna make one too??

The best type of scarf to use is a chunky cable knit scarf.  That means that thick yarn is used and the knitting is big and you could stick your finger through most of the details of the scarf.  You can use a much tighter knitted scarf too…..but you’ll either have to sew button holes for your buttons to fit through or sew the the ends together and just sew the buttons right onto the scarf and then slip the scarf over your head.

Determine how long you’d like your cowl and if you’d like it to wrap once or twice around your neck before buttoning it closed.  Leave an extra 2 inches extra at each end (4 inches total), for sewing under.  But before cutting the excess off……sew a zig-zag stitch right about where you need to cut it off.  The knit in a scarf like mine is so loose that your ends will cause you grief if you cut it and then try to roll it under.  So, sew a quick zig-zag and then cut if off right next to the line of zig-zag.

Then fold over to the back 1 inch, then another inch, and then pin in place.

Hand stitch in place.  I tried sewing first but with something so thick and lumpy, it looked terrible.  So, I had to re-do it.

Repeat with the other end.

Then, wrap around your neck (once or twice….just how you’d like it), and overlap one end over the other, off to one side.  Place pins right where you’d like your buttons and then make sure they can fit through the scarf at those locations.

Hand sew the buttons onto the bottom end of the scarf, right where those pins poked through from the front of the top overlapped piece.

Then button back in place……

 ……and enjoy!

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