I’m kind of pumped about this project. It is really easy but produces hugely satisfying results. I made mint and lavender travel soaps. Perfect for traveling or for gifts! Read on to see the how-to.

Supplies: Goat Milk soap base (or any soap base), tins with lids, soap dye and essential oils (plus any other goodies you want to throw in – like lavender pieces).

The supplies for this are such a good value for the amount of product you can make. I cut five squares of soap, which nicely filled the three tins. After you cut your squares off, microwave them for about 30 seconds (just follow the easy instructions). Add your dye, essential oils, etc and you are done! Let it dry for a couple of hours. It really is that easy.

Goat milk soap does smell a tad strange unless you use a lot of essential oil. I mean, it is what it is. Not bad. I chose it for it’s moisturizing properties. For the lavender soap, I just used purple dye and real lavender. I’m surprised at how nicely it smells even though I didn’t use an essential oil.

via  lemonjitters