Just wanted to share the upcycled wallet I made earlier this week.

I was using some of the fabric from an old button-down shirt for other projects, and the odds and ends (cuffs, collar, buttons) always tend to be the hardest bits of clothing to recycle. I had been wanting a wallet upgrade – just a simple, good-looking outer shell with a cash pocket, to hold a photo sleeve / card holder I already had. It turned out that these particular shirt cuffs were the perfect width for the holder. I loved this plaid fabric and was totally tickled that the size worked out.

I cut the cuff off above the hem, leaving it intact so I’d be able to use the button and buttonhole to close the wallet. Then I cut a rectangle from the front of the shirt, hemmed it, and sewed it to the cuff to serve as a pocket for cash and to hold the cards. (The top edges look a little frayed because I cut that part directly from the shirt – but I made sure to cut along the part where the cuff joined the sleeve so it wouldn’t fray any further. I could have tidied it up with bias tape, but I kinda dig the weathered look.)

Less than an hour’s worth of work, and bits and pieces of fabric I thought I’d have to throw away, and my cash and cards have a nifty new place to call home!

via  replayground