Whether it’s a personal hat collection full of vintage pieces, your son’s vast array of baseball caps or your own assortment of sun hats to knitted beauties, these accessories can surely be a pain to organize and keep at bay. You either begin to not find what you need or lose to the constant battle of chaos. So, we’ve compiled 10 easy tips  for organizing hats and getting your closet in tip-top shape.

1. Collage Display.

If you’ve got a collection of prized or vintage pieces, use them as fun wall art. Whether it’s the dining room, hallway or your home office, you can certainly create a cool collage to display them and style with.

2. Hidden Shelves.

If you’ve got a space such as this, where you can hide (and see) what’s inside, use it to your advantage. Throw your hats up there for easy access and easy storage too.

3. Hang Em.

One hanger and some shower hooks can really make life a lot easier in the closet. This is perfect for apartments or dorm rooms too, where space is usually quite limited. You’ll find them easy and keep them in one spot, instead of strewn around the floor.

4. In an Armoire.

Beautiful pieces of furniture can really do a lot throughout your home. If you’ve got the extra space, do something grand with your collection of hats. Grab and go when you want to wear one, and in the meantime, you can show them off!

5. Up High.

If space is limited in the closet, use every inch of it. The top part of the closet can become an easy way to tack up hats for when they’re needed.

6. Corkboard Pinned.

Another stylish way to keep chaos on the low and use your hats as stylish pieces is to display them on a corkboard in your home office or even in the bedroom. It’s easy and super contemporary too.

7. Coat Racks.

A coat rack can become another easy way to store and display your hats. If you have a hidden nook or corner of the house that needs some sprucing, find a trendy rack and use it!

8. Hat Boxes.

Find some beautiful boxes and keep your hats nice by storing them inside. The boxes become a fun piece of homey decor and you keep a mess from forming.

9. Some Garland.

Create some hat garland! Use clothespins or clips, some twine and push pins and you’ve got a recipe for some fun and versatile hat decor and organization.

10. Clothespin Art.

Use clothespins to hang your beautiful hats. They’ll be easy to get to and an easy way to spruce up a bare wall. Besides, they’ll give you more room in the closet!

via  homedit