Don’t want to waste old, used soaps? Try these simple steps and make a new, skin moisturizing soap bar from your old soap remains.


1.Grate the soap remains using grater. You can cut them into very small pieces instead of grating.

2.Add sufficient milk to the grated soap.

3.Keep it for 15-20 minutes to become soft mass.

4.Heat the soft mass on low flame and stir. Do not overheat.

5.Add sufficient glycerin to this molten mass. Use approximately 4-5 mL. Mix well.

6.Lubricate your stainless steel bowl/plate with coconut/arachis oil. Do not lubricate the silicone moulds. Pour the mixture into mould.

7.Keep it for 7-8 hours and then remove from the mould. Be cautious not to burn the soap, or black spots will appear.

8.Cut the soap into your desired size. Allow it to become sufficiently hard to use. If you use large amount of water or milk, it will take more time to dry.

via wikihow