If you’re looking for better a place to hang your coats, towels, scarves, dog leashes or pretty much any other item, stop the search! This DIY project is sure to add a whimsical touch to any room, and you can get all the supplies you need in a toy store! Here’s how to make your own wildly adorable animal coat rack:

You’ll need: toy animals (these can be found online for about $10), small hack saw, Gorilla Glue, pencil, ruler, scrap wood (you can get some for free at most home improvement stores), paint and paint brushes (or spray paint) and a vice grip (optional, but handy).

1. Paint your scrap wood. You can either spray paint the wood a vibrant color, or use acrylic paint. Completely cover the piece of wood except for the side that will be mounted to the wall – this will save you time and paint! Let the paint dry before handling it, which generally takes at least three hours.

2. Gather your zoo animals. Let your kids pick out their favorite creatures or choose your own preferred fauna. (We went with zebras and tigers.)

3. Carefully cut your animals in half with your hacksaw – we suggest using a vice to hold everything still.

4. Arrange your animals on the wood block, using either the top halves of the toys or the bottom halves. Don’t be shy – butts and tails work just as well as ears and snouts when it comes to coat hooks! Mix up your animals, or just stick to one species. Play around with your options!

5. Once you’ve decided how you want to arrange the pieces, use a ruler to measure out an equal distance between animals. Lightly mark the placement of each with a pencil.

6. Grab your glue and apply it to the clean-cut side of each animal head (or butt). Then, press the animal onto the board where you’ve marked with your pencil. Make sure to press down firmly – you want these guys to really stick!

7. Let your animals dry for at least 24 hours before putting the coat rack to use. Now the fun begins! Hang your new coat rack in your mudroom or entryway for a funky first impression, in the playroom to help organize the space or anywhere in your home that needs a little safari inspiration!

via  brightnest