IKEA Rast dressers are utterly fantastic for a nightstand replacement.  They are inexpensive ($34.99), small, and made out of solid wood.But here is the thing.  Sometimes you don’t want it to look like a Rast.  Sometimes you want it to look a little nicer.  Ya feel me?

After putting the dressers together the first thing that I did was putty all of the pre drilled holes and the screws.  I like using the pink putty that dries white. 

Pile it on nice and tall.  Sort of like a wad of bubble gum.  Don’t try and make it perfect at this point.

Make sure the your putty is completely dry before you start sanding.

To sand I used a 220 grit sanding sponge and a small circular motion.

Once everything is nice and smooth,  give you dresser a quick wipe down with a slightly damp cloth to get the dust off.  (You can also use tack cloth, but lets be honest, who has that on hand at all times?)

Once it is time to paint, you will want to follow this tutorial to a T.  It will give you a perfect finish.

For those interested, here is the paint formula for the custom pink color:

Now for the REALLY fun part.  Bring on the leather and brass!!

I stated by cutting a campaign shaped pull out of leather (you can upload this image into Design Space if you have a Cricut Explore and cut it with that, or you can print it off and trace it!)

The corner pieces and brass pulls are from Home Depot.  To find them you will want to go down the aisle that has the pulls and knobs.

The brass corner brackets come in packs of 4,  you will need 3 packages per dresser.

The pulls can be found right by the hinges and brackets.  They are called Brass Utility Pulls.  You will need 3 of these puppies too.

Start by gluing your leather piece onto the drawer.  I decided to move mine to the top of the drawer instead of putting it in the center.  Make sure that it is centered and level.

Then hold your brass handle onto the leather and mark where the screws will go.

Using a small drill bit, drill pilot holes through the leather and into the wood.  Then attach the pull.

You will want to drill pilot holes for the corner brackets as well, so that you don’t split the wood.

via  vintagerevivals