Succulent lovers, this project is for you! It’s much quicker and easier than a lot of DIY living walls, but still looks beautiful at the end. A quick trip to the hardware store is all it takes…


  • Galvanized steel chicken wire
  • 28 gauge steel galvanized wire
  • Succulents
  • Coco liner
  • Metal snip pliers

    1. Cut your chicken wire into 10″ by 10″ squares (or whatever size square you’d like) and bend three of the corners toward the inside of the square. You want it to look like an envelope. 

    2. Use the wire to fasten the corners together. 
    3. Cut off the remaining fourth corner at the top, leaving just the rectangular pocket.

    4. Fill the insides of each pocket with some coco liner, and plant your succulents.
    5. Hang the pocket on a hook or nail, and you’ve got a clever way to enjoy your greenery. Enjoy!