pallet boards or reclaimed lumber

wood glue


nails (or you can use a nail gun)


safety glasses and gloves

Step 1:  Disassemble the pallet

Make sure you wear your safety glasses and gloves for this project.

Remove the pallet boards from the pallet and rip each board down the middle.

Each board will then measure approximately 2 1/2″ wide.

(total aside number 1:  you don’t have to use pallet wood for this project.  You could use paint sticks or yard sticks or even random sticks from your yard.)

Step 2:  Cut out a piece of plywood in a circle

Cut out a piece of plywood 24” in diameter.

Cut out a 4 inch diameter center of the circle (this is where you will attach the clock movement piece).

He also suggested using the end of a plywood spool (like the ones you find hardware stores).

Then….lay the pieces of pallet wood end to end and stagger them like bricks on top of the plywood circle.

Glue the pieces of pallet wood down.

Then nail each piece in place.

Step 3:  Cut out circle

Once dry, flip the glued pallet top over to show the plywood circle which now has rows of pallet wood glued and nailed on to it.

Then cut out your circle with a jig saw.  You will cut through the plywood and the pallet wood together at the same time.

Step 4:  Attach clock hands

You can follow the directions that come with the kit…but essentially you will be drilling a hole in the plywood and attaching the clock hands to the front and the clock movement piece to the back connected by a threaded shaft in the center.

Step 5:  Stencil the numbers

He stenciled a 12/3/6/9 on the clock.

You could stencil all the numbers…but I like the four numbers much better.

The clock is the perfect mix of rustic and industrial.

I love it…..

via thistlewoodfarms