Want to know how to keep your mirror gleaming? Here’s our how-to guide on cleaning mirrors.

Keeping mirrors sparklingly clean seems like a hassle, but it’s not that difficult to keep those surfaces shining.

Follow our guide and you’ll be gazing at your mirror, rather than your reflection, for hours…

What you need to clean a mirror

Ever since Kim and Aggie started cleaning up people’s houses, we’ve discovered the joy of the store cupboard essential – vinegar – as a cheap and effective cleaning product.

But, when it comes to getting gleaming mirrors, the key is a microfibre cloth and warm water.

You might also want to keep some washing-up liquid, a sponge and some shaving foam (not gel) on hand. Read on to find out why…

Get mirrors sparkling

If your mirrors aren’t too dirty, they can be sorted in seconds with a little warm water, applied and rubbed dry (in even circular motions to avoid smears) with a microfibre cloth.

If, however, there’s a little more grime involved, dilute some washing-up liquid in a basin of warm water and use a sponge to wipe over the mirrored surface. Then, buff away any remaining marks with a clean microfibre cloth.

Keep steamed-up mirrors at bay

Follow this tip, and those steamed-up bathroom mirrors – useless when you emerge from the bath or shower – will be a thing of the past.

To keep mirrors steam-free, apply a little shaving foam evenly across the surface. Wipe away and buff with a microfibre cloth, and hey presto! Shimmering mirrored surfaces in seconds!

via  housetohome