The Hot Mess Sweatshirt Dress is not only stylish with the bubble skirt bottom, but is insanely comfortable. Throw it on when you’re running out to pick up the kids at school, or put on a pair of heels and a bow necklace for a night out. And…it will cost you about $10 to make. Let’s get started!

1) Take two sweatshirts size Men’s large or XL.

2) Cut the sleeves off both (set sleeves aside)

3) Take the first sweatshirt and use a tank top to create a template. Add about an extra inch all around and cut.

4) Set the first sweatshirt aside.

5) Lay the first sweatshirt on top of the second to measure the waist size. Draw an outline and bring it in about 2 inches from the edge so it’s not too puffy.

6) To make the pockets lay one sleeve under the bottom half of the dress and mark the curve of bottom half dress onto sleeve. Cut. Repeat on both sleeves.

7) Now, lay the sleeve on top of the bottom half of dress. Match the curve of the sleeve to the curve of the dress and mark out a pocket.

8) Cut a pocket from both sleeves. Set bottom half of dress and pockets aside.

9)Take top half of dress and lay your other two sweatshirt sleeve next to it inside out. Mark your sleeve by making a slight curve and cut. Repeat with second sleeve.

10) Sew all the pieces closed.

11) Flip pockets inside out and match up seams to the inside of the dress. Sew around.

12) Sew pocket down to back of waist to keep pocket from flapping open while attaching top and bottom of dress.

13) Pin down sleeves and sew around.

14) Fold bottom half inside out and pin to the top half.

15) Sew around and you’re done!

via  prudentbaby