Since we’re used to sticking all sorts of magnets to our refrigerators, we might as well turn this habit into something useful. A very clever idea is to make storage containers that stick to the refrigerator just like magnets. They will be both practical and nice to look at.

This project is extremely simple. All you need is one or more spice, candy, or other type of containers, some magnets and some glue. You can probably guess all the steps but we will describe them anyway. First you need to empty the containers and clean them up. Then place a small, powerful magnet inside the back of the container. This will turn the tin itself into a magnetic object. If your containers are nonmetallic then you can stick the magnet on the exterior and it will work just as fine.

If you would rather have something original you can use the same containers but cover them up with a fresh coat of paint that will hide their previous surface. You could also find simple containers and glue decorations on them. There are many possibilities for this project. You just need to get creative. After you glue the magnets to the containers, let them dry and then rinse the containers. After that you can stick them to the refrigerator and use to store small objects such as pens, maybe some notes or anything else you might find useful.

via homedit