Make yourself a Lucky Penny Ring DIY to remember important dates, with this simple and fun DIY.

Supplies to make your DIY Penny Ring:

  • 1 Lucky penny
  • 2-2.5 inches of small rhinestone trim
  • Wire
  • Pliers
  • Super glue
  • Something to wrap your wire around (I used the handle from my garlic press)

step 1
Measure your rhinestone trim around your penny to the exact measurement and cut.

step 2
Lay your rhinestone trim on a flat surface on its side.

Take your penny and add a small amount of super glue to one spot on its side and set it on your rhinestone trim.

Wait about one minute for the glue to hold.

Once your glue is holding, keep adding glue to the side of your penny and attaching your rhinestone trim.

You can do this on a flat surface to make sure your trim and your penny are flush with each other.

TIP: Just keep carefully moving your penny and trim to make they dont stick to your surface.

Keep gluing until your rhinestone trim is glued all the way around your penny.

step 3
Take your wire and whatever youre using to wrap it around, I used the handle from my garlic press. Use whatever is closest to your finger size.

Wrap your wire around it 4 times and leave about a one inch tail and cut your wire.

Pull your wire off your handle and wrap this tail end around your wrapped wires to hold them together.

Make sure your loose ends are on the outside of your ring.

step 4
Take your penny and place it face down on a smooth surface and put super glue in the middle on the back side.

Take your wire ring and place the wrapped side into the glue.

You will need to hold it in place for a minute or two until the glue holds and then let it dry for about an hour, to make sure it really holds.

This is about as simple as a cocktail ring gets. But with a shiny penny and lots of rhinestones its definitely not short on sparkle.

via  trinketsinbloom