A super simple and cute tutorial for iPad Case. When we say this is easy we definitely mean it. You could whip one up in no time, and might even find yourself making a few for friends.


  • soft leather
  • elastic band
  • upholstery scissors (or a rotary cutter if you get down)
  • suede cord
  • pins
  • needle
  • thread
  • xacto
  • glue (optional)


    Step 1 . Cut down your leather using your ipad as a guide. Leave it long on top and bottom.

    Step 2 . Cut out four strips of the elastic, making sure they’re long enough to essentially loop around the corners of the ipad.

    Step 3 . Again, using your ipad as a guide, measure and mark where your elastic pieces will go to securely fit. if they’re too loose, un pin and pin again. You want to make sure they’re as tight as possible so it won’t fall out. pin the elastic down into place.

    Step 4 . Sew the elastic bands into the leather. it’s ok if it looks whack — it really won’t be visible once your ipad is in place. Also if your elastic is not perfectly straight , as long as you have enough leather to trim off on top and bottom – you can make it straight afterwards.

    Step 5 . Now if you’re not an advanced sewer, you might notice the back looks wonky once the elastic is sewn in. So in order to hide this (and add more protection to the ipad)  cut out another piece of leather and glued them together.

    Step 6 . Once the leathers dry, measure, mark and cut out the shape you want. You can do a much straighter line with a rotary cutter, but scissors worked fine. Cut it long enough so there would be a flap on the right side of the ipad.

    Step 7 . Using an xacto, cut a slit onto your flap and make sure it’s wide enough for your cord to thread through. knot it on the inside, and trim it to where you can wrap the cord around the case a couple of times.

    And there you have it! A very minimal and simple ipad case that’s soft enough to cuddle with.

     via  prudentbaby