Ever notice that how your iPod or mp3 player just doesn’t play music loud enough?  Well, if you have a cardboard roll and two cups lying around, you can fix that problem in a couple of minutes.  Yup.  Just make yourself a set of makeshift cardboard roll speakers!

Materials needed to create cardboard roll speakers:

  • Paper towel roll (or toilet paper roll)
  • Exacto knife
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Two cups
  • Optional:  Paint and paint brushes

Steps to create cardboard roll speakers: 

1.  Trim your cardboard roll to your desired size (if you’re using a paper towel roll.)

2.  Trace the bottom of your iPod onto the middle of your cardboard roll.  Cut out that slit and make sure it’s just big enough to hold up your iPod.

3.  Trace one end of your cardboard roll onto your cups.  Cut out that circle.  Repeat the same process with another cup.  Now make sure the cardboard roll fits snugly inside both cups.

That’s it.  Voila!  Now you’ve got a pair of speakers!

Of course, if you have a couple more minutes to spare, you can go one step further and paint a fun design on your cardboard roll and cups.

Tada!  Now you have a set of cute looking speakers made from affordable and recycled materials.

via  pinkstripeysocks