A while back I saw this cute toy cork drum on Pinterest. The store that was selling them no longer has them available, so I thought I’d give making my own a try. It ended up being a very simple and quick DIY – perfect to whip up as a last minute present!

I used cork yoga blocks to make my drums out of (I used 2 – one we cut in half to make it a smaller size drum). (Cork yoga blocks can be found at sporting goods stores, most box stores (like Target), ebay; I got mine off Amazon.) We made two different kinds of drumsticks – one my handy carpenter husband turned on a lathe and the other is a quick diy with supplies easily found at a craft store. These drums make nice gifts for the little guys and gals in your life – and parents won’t mind them at all – they’re quiet drums!

What you need:
cork blocks (I used cork yoga blocks – read above for more details)
band saw
paint + paintbrush
wooden dowel (found at craft supply stores)
small wooden balls with holes in them (found at craft supply stores)
wood glue

How to do it:

For the cork drum: Trace a circle onto your cork block (we used a bowl to trace). Using a band saw, cut your cork block into a circle. Sand the edges of the cork. Paint as desired.

For the drumsticks: If you’ve got a handy carpenter around, you can have them turn a dowel on a lathe and make drumsticks. Otherwise, cut a wooden dowel to size. Put some wood glue inside the hole of the wooden ball, then stick the dowel in. Let dry. (You can also paint the sticks if desired).

via  prudentbaby