What a great idea to create a way to use your current jeans as that baby bump continues to grow. Using this fabulous tutorial you will be able to do just so! Perfect repurpose!

Start with a pair if stretchyish non-maternity jeans and a tee shirt.

Cut the bottom half of the tee shirt just under the armpits off like so:

Here’s a diagram of what I did next.

Take in the side seams, and serge the raw edges.  Or not.  It’s knit so it won’t fray.

Now take your jeans and cut off the waistband and the button.  Leave the bottom parts of the belt loops and don’t mess with the pockets.

Now cut out your zipper.

Sew the fly shut with a thread that blends in with the jeans.  Pin your pockets down and straight stitch around what used to be the waistband.  Sew down the top halves of the chopped off belt loops, too.

Take your tee shirt and your jeans and pin the raw edges together, but be sure that the right sides of both the shirt and the jeans are facing up.

See the top part with the pins?  That’s what you’ve got to do.

Set up your zig-zag stitch.  You want this maternity waistband to be able to s-t-r-e-t-c-h!

Zig-zag around the top of your raw edges.  Again, pretend this is on a pair of jeans!

Serge or zig-zag around these edges.  The denim will fray.  Now your pants are finished!

Look how comfy!  See the bottom of the belt loops?  That’s what I was trying to explain above.

These jeans can either be worn with the belly pulled all the way up as shown above, or it can be folded down.

This is why we sewed the shirt to the jeans with the right side facing up.

Cute, comfy and cheap!  You can’t go wrong with that, can ya?  The good thing about using a pair of your own non-maternity jeans is that you’ll have an excuse to buy new jeans once the baby gets here!  Genius!

via  crafting-cousins