Today I’m gonna show you step by step and with 3D drawings (3D models made with google sketch- up) How to build a great doghouse with wooden pallets, and using only 2 pallets.

First we need a pallet as the one you can see in the picture, of course you can use other pallets but this process is intended for use this one in particular . You will have to clean and disinfect it .

Then cut it and unmount the pallet as shown in the picture. Be careful because if the pallet is recycled and is too old, it’s very easy that you break the boards during the process.

A final cut will define what will be the front wall of the doghouse and the back wall .

With the boards that you have obtained from the deconstruction of the 2 pallets, cut them in a proper distance (in this case 80cm, 32 inches) or use them in full and join them to the other 2 walls. These boards will form the third and fourth wall of the square.

We’ll nail the new tables until we reach the limit of the rear wall, then we’ll have to cut and nail 2 boards with the adequate tilt to fit the roof over the walls.

Once we’ve placed all these boards it’s time to cut the floor and the roof. The floor should have the same dimension as the whole house, but the roof must be a little bit larger in order to protect the walls from the rain, about 5 -10cm (2-4 inches) per side will be enough . You’ll have to buy a particle board on a DIY store.

I recommend to fix the floor very well to the walls, because it will give stability to the house, but the roof is better not to fix it, because in case that you want to clean the house  it will be very useful if it’s removable. You can put a few pieces of wood to avoid it to slide, or put some hinges to open the roof  like a door.

To avoid that the floor enters in contact with the ground, I highly recommended to place a few feet like the ones on the picture, we only have to use some scraps of the previous wooden boards. Remember to nail the nails from the inside of the house.

I don’t recommended to make the door too large, because too much air could enter inside the doghouse and the dog wouldn’t be comfortable . You just have to draw it with a pencil and cut it with a jigsaw.

Wooden reinforcements on the sides of the door may be a good idea, however it’s not essential.

To finish and protect the roof, you should cover it with some asphalt shingles as I show you on the picture, or some kind of plasticizing or bitumen. Waterproofing should properly be done, it’s important to avoid the water to enter inside the house and don’t let the wood to be rot. You should also seal all the cracks and holes with some brown putty, and finally sand and varnish the doghouse for a proper end.

via  diypalletfurniture