An ingenious mind can find new uses for everyday items and sometimes a simple item such as a magazine file can turn out to be extremely inspiring. In fact, we can show you 10 different ways in which you can use and repurpose the Knuff magazine file from Ikea. These hacks are meant to make your life easier and they all feature the same product. The Knuff magazine files come in sets of two. They’re made of plywood and can be treated with oil or paint if you wish to personalize them or make them more durable.. Enjoy!

Mail station.

 With three magazine holders, a shelf and some screws and brackets you can make a practical mail station to place at the entrance or in your home office. First install the shelf and the brackets. Then mark the wall where each magazine holder will be placed. Screw them in place.

Stained mail rack.

This project is very similar to the previous one. The main difference is that, in this case, the magazine files and the shelf are stained the same color. So first prep the wood, then stain it. Install the shelf on the wall with the brackets and then install the magazine holders.

Storage for printer paper.

A set of two Knuff magazine files is enough to make this clever storage compartment for the paper for your large format printer. Knock off the front piece, put the two pieces together to form a compartment with an opening in the center and attach it to the underside of your desk with screws.

Kitchen storage.

Mount one Knuff magazine file to the inside of your kitchen cupboards and you’ll get a clever storage compartment for things like chopping boards, foil, cleaning products, etc. It adds storage space and even though it’s a very small project it makes a big difference.

Modular coffee table.

Use four of these magazine files to make a wonderfully functional coffee table. For the base of the table, use the frame from a stool. Then take the four magazine files and place them like in the image. They each come with two pieces one inside the other so you can change the shape of your coffee table in any way you like. Use liquid nails to secure everything.

Corner shelf.

Because of the shape of the magazine holder, you can see it would fit perfectly in a corner. But before you install it there, you can first stain it or paint it. You can use such a piece in the hallway, at the entrance, in the kitchen or in your office. 

His and hers magazine holders.

The most obvious ways in which you can use these versatile Ikea products is as magazine holders but you can still give them a makeover. Since they come in sets of two you can make a his and hers set and personalize them a little bit. Prep them and then stain them. Use a stencil or freehand the “his” and “hers” and then attach a handle on each magazine file.

Chalkboard paint makeover.

Instead of using a stencil to make permanent labels for your magazine holders, you could try to make some custom-colored chalkboard paint for a quick makeover. First prep the magazine holders. Use tape to mark the area which needs to be painted. Mix unsanded tile grout with acrylic paint and use the mix immediately. Wait for the paint to dry and apply additional layers as needed.

iPhone/iPad dock station.

Using only one Knuff magazine holder, a small piece of wood and some cable you can make a practical dock for your iPhone or iPad. Find a good spot for it, preferably somewhere in a corner so it doesn’t take up space on your desk or furniture. In additional to using it as a dock, you can also use it for storage.

Bathroom storage.

You can also mount a Knuff magazine holder to the inside of your bathroom cabinet and use it to store things like your curling iron or other gadgets. Similarly, you can use it in your office to create storage for cables.

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