Stools can be super useful in almost any room of your house. Next to the breakfast bar or kitchen island, under the little tables in the kids’ play room, next to your desk in your home office or just looking pretty in the living room. Stools can be fun to decorate with and fun to make! Check out all these playful, DIY stools and try creating one yourself!!

1. Magazine Mayhem.

Too cute for words, and an easy way to clean up the shelves’ clutter. This magazine DIY stool is such a fun piece to display and use around the house. Stick in the office or living room for guests to sit on … or chat about!

2. Playful Plaid.

Grab an older, shabbier stool and reupholster it with some cozy, playful plaid! The pattern is perfect to pop in a simpler room while still blending in with its surroundings.

3. Totally Toadstool.

Any Nintendo fans out there? If so, this DIY is definitely for you. Try your hand at this fun tutorial and create something funky for the house. It’s a piece to chat about and have fun with!

4. Fearless Folder.

Great for the patio or to take on a picnic, this DIY folding chair is incredibly cute for anyone in the house! Use different colors and patterns to show off your own personality.

5. Pretty Paints.

There always the option to buy a inexpensive, wooden stool and design it yourself. Grab some paints and decorate it all your own!

6. Lovely Logs.

Organic, simple and upcycled! This DIY log stool is great to use as a side table too. This is great for your bedroom, foyer or maybe even next to the staircase!

7. Wonderful Wood.

Your wood scraps can, in fact, create something this sleek and chic. Just like the log stool, this piece would be great for the bedroom, foyer or next the stairs!

8. Nifty Knit.

Maybe my favorite of the pack, these beautiful knit DIY stools are perfect to add a little feminine touch to the home. And you can make them to look a little bit different every time … with a different color.

9. Edgy Egg Cartons.

For more funk and eclecticism, make an egg carton stool! Your upcycling and creating something with a whole lot of personality!

10. Cool Coffee.

Take a coffee bean bag and use it as fabric for a fun touch! Just learn how to reupholster a bit and you’ve got this made!

via homedit