Having a pet is not exactly a walk in the park but it’s also very fun and rewarding. Treat your dog with respect and love and you’ll establish a wonderful relationship. Start by replacing the old food bowl with something a little more practical and good-looking for both you and your pet. There are plenty of ideas to use as inspiration.
For example, you could make a feeding station for your dog. You’ll need a two cubby wood shelf, metal bowl with a lip, candle holder cups, a jigsaw, a drill and some paint. Make two holes at the top for the two bowls and use the inside for storage.
This is a very similar project. It’s a dog food container made out of a popcorn tin can. It’s painted yellow and the lid has a very nice dog paw print design. Instead of a label, this one has “dog food” written on it with white spray paint.
Give your dog’s food and water bowls a makeover. These are wooden bowls and they have “eat” respectively “drink” written on them. Use letter stickers for the writing and a wood burner to trace the letters. It’s a project more for the owner than for the pet.
Another very simple and very ingenious idea is to make a chalkboard bowl for your dog. Take a simple white ceramic bowl and put tape around the rim. Then spray paint the exterior with chalkboard paint, remove the tape and then you can write on the bowl whatever you want.
This interesting and ingenious project is perfect for those that have large dogs that would more easily eat out of a bowl sitting on a chair. Find an old chair and make a whole in the seat. Insert the bowl there and there you have it.
This dog bowl holder is made of a wooden crate. It’s a practical project because you’ll have a stable structure to hold the food and water bowls and your dog won’t accidentally move them around. Also, the bowl won’t be sitting directly on the floor.
This great dog feeder is very beautiful. It’s made of a wooden log that has been carved to just the right size to accommodate the two bowls. It’s also a nice decorative piece for the home and a nice way to camouflage the dog bowls.
If you want to hide the pet’s food and water bowls and also to save some space, you could put them in the bottom drawer of a cabinet. Make a nice frame to hold them perfectly still and you can use the rest of the drawers to store your pet’s toys.
To make these good-looking dog bowls you’ll need two glass bowls, non-toxic glass paint, a foam painting brush, a thick elastic band, tape and newspaper. Wrap the elastic around the dish and put tape on the top half. Then paint the exposed area and let it dry.
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