Hello! Now you know I’m a pinner just like most of you are right? Now ask me to make something from what I’ve pinned and that is a challenge I will accept. But  finally did it and it’s the easiest craft project you will ever see. Only 2 supplies needed, OK 3 if you are going to use them ~ hint hint, vino…

 For this cute and useful craft {cause we all need our crafts to be useful right?} all you need is the following:

Drill with a smaller bit
Trophy tops from the thrift store
And tapered corks from a wine or beer supply store

About this: I first bought regular old corks, the synthetic ones actually since I thought they would last longer than cork, but it turns out they don’t fit into a wine bottle. Rightfully so because corks are put in with a machine. Your hands will not be able to squeeze a regular new cork into a bottle, trust me.

Thankfully I found the tapered ones. I got size #9 and #10 which are cork. The #9 is smaller and fits into the bottle a little farther but both will work. I got these at a local wine brewing supply store but I’m sure you can get them online.

The hunt for trophies was fun. I ran right out the next day because of course I’m thinking:

    Every thrift store in town is going to be out of trophies once this Pin catches on! I better hurry!

I get all anxious like that about crafts. Once I see them I need to go immediately out to get supplies. Do you do that too? OK, good. I’m not the only crazy one. But I happened upon a great stash of trophies at the thrift store. The cashier asked me if I was a teacher. Cute idea, but no.

I got all kinds. The hunter, the basketball player and a few of those angel ladies with the wings. We all have one in the closet right?

And I got four of the same trophies from Mary. We’ll leave Mary anonymous since she apparently didn’t want any of her swim champion trophies from 2003.

But enough fun thrifting, let’s get to the project.

To do this first you take your trophy apart. They all have a nut at the bottom that holds on the long pole which the actual statue is on. Unscrew that nut.

Soon enough all your trophies will be in pieces and you’ll have all these bodies lying around.

Then you grab your drill and start drilling. I used a 9/64 bit for these. It’s smaller than the piece on the bottom of the trophy but that is OK because you want it to fit in well. I drilled in gently about half way in the cork.

And lastly you gently screw the cork onto the trophy. The original how to on Country Living said to glue them but I didn’t do this. I want to know how they will hold up. Maybe I’ll need glue? But they seem pretty secure without it.

Be careful to screw it on straight.
And THAT friends is how you get a cheerleader on top of your wine bottle.

Fun and easy. Now who has a basketball player on top of their whiskey? You!

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