I’m working on some simple updates to my small back deck. Since our yard is not landscaped yet (darn those new houses) the deck off of our kitchen is exposed to the neighbors and not private at all. I don’t know about you but sitting on a deck in my pj’s where the world can see me just doesn’t sound like a pleasant way to spend the morning. So I set out to solve that issue with some simple, inexpensive and creative ideas.

 A few weeks ago, my husband and I spotted a FREE pallet on the side of the road. After schlepping it home with us, I decided it would be the perfect solution for creating a bit of  inexpensive privacy on my deck.

I felt like it needed a pop of color to give the pallet more personality, so I picked up some exterior Valspar Paint at Lowe’s and went to work giving the pallet a rough coat of this cheery yellow paint (Earthen Sienna, Valspar). I did not prime, prep or sand first, I wanted it to be rustic.

I originally thought about creating a hanging herb or vegetable garden with this pallet, but because I really wanted to use these French flower buckets leftover from a wedding a few years ago, I decided the safest idea was to make a flower garden (I wasn’t sure that planting edibles in metal buckets would be the best idea).

I think this garden project turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself!

These pansies were so cheap and on discount at a local garden center (they were imperfect but I still found them charming) so I didn’t have to spend a fortune on flowers. I won’t feel bad at all when I have to replace them. In fact, I think it will be kind of fun to be able to change out the flowers from time to time. It would even be cute to use small ferns or succulents! I might try that next!

You could even do this project INSIDE for the winter!

I added a little moss to each of the buckets to cover the dirt and give it a little more texture and color. I loved how it turned out!

via theinspiredroom