Or for an alternative title: “My Knock-Off of a Knock-off”!

And, I am true to my word folks!
Of course, I ended up making not just one but TWO Ruler Growth Charts.
One for each rascal in our family.

Well, actually, if I had made one for each rascal in our family there would have been one with my hubby’s name on it too. He is the Rascal Ringleader after all!
This has to be one of the easiest DIY projects ever. I simply purchased two 1x6x6 boards, a light colored wood stain and a stain/paint marker. The foot increment lines were drawn longer than the inches and then marked with the appropriate number.
The only difficult part was establishing exactly where on the wall it would be hung so that I could be certain the measurements on the chart would be correct.
For example, I knew that our charts would be hung 3 inches up from the floor, so my chart started at the 3 inch mark. Does that make sense?
So, now when my kids stand up against it, we are getting their exact height vs. having to add inches on according to where it is placed on the wall.
Clear as mud?

It must not take much to amuse me because I kept finding myself chuckling over the fact that I was using a ruler to make my ruler!
I have such a well developed and mature sense of humor don’t I?
Stenciling their names to the top was the perfect way to personalize them.

They now hang on either side of the closet in the playroom and
add a little bit more character to this already fun space.
That little door you see in there leads to the attic where the Christmas decorations are calling to me!
Those curtains are going to be coming down soon to make way for another little project I have up my sleeve.
I hope to get started on it this week!

As soon as the growth charts were up, the kids raced to see how tall they were.
And mommy’s heart almost couldn’t bear seeing how tall this boy was.
4 ft. 3 inches and counting…

I think it’s time for the old “put a book on your head” method to slow down how quickly this boy is growing! It made me almost cry just seeing the 6ft mark and knowing that in the blink of an eye we will probably be putting a little mark next to those lines.
For now, I will enjoy the fact that he is still shorter than his mother and that I can still take him down when we wrestle!