Asher is our budding scientist in the family, and I knew I wanted to incorporate some type of periodic table art for him somewhere in the room. I stumbled upon these mini clipboards at A.C. Moore for $1 each and knew they’d work great for this project!

The clipboards disassemble easily with a screwdriver for painting, staining, mod-podging and what not. Just take off the hardware and get creative!

I wanted a “little professor” vibe in their room so decided to simply stain the clipboards dark walnut to match their two-tone dressers. (So sorry for the crappy photos. I was using my phone late at night to take these.)

I used a foam brush to coat each clipboard with one coat of stain and let them dry overnight.

In the morning, I created and printed out (on photo paper) some periodic elements based on poster art from Restoration Hardware Baby. I put the clipboards back together, cut out my art, and hung them on the back of my kiddos’ door!

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