I received some cute little dresses as gifts that were built around a onesie so I thought it would be fun to try and make one.

Here is what I used, and did.

a onesie (I used a small so that size is what these measurements reflect)
a strip of 14″ x 44″ eyelet and solid white fabric
1/2″ elastic, approx. 15-20 inches
a random button
about 20″-30″ pink 1 1/2 ribbon
yellow ribbon for base of skirt and waist
sewing machine
needle and thread

Onesie and fabric cut to approx 14″ x 44″.
I just eyeballed the cut of the onesie, so that the waist is a little higher.
This allowed for me to make the bloome.
This is the bottom half of the onesie. I just turned over the top edge and
sewed a 1/2″ seam pocket for the elastic, threaded it through and closed it up. Done.

Next, I gathered the eyelet and solid fabric together with one loosely stitched seam.
Then pulled it tight to gather the top.
(I don’t have a fancy machine, so we do things the hard way!).
Then I sewed the back seam together.
I centered the back seam of the skirt with the back of the onesie top, and pinned the 1/4’s around to make sure it was even, then just sewed it in place.
Make sure you have good sides to good sides.

That gave me the basic dress the just needed to be hemmed.
I could have stopped there, but why?

I made this little embellishment. I don’t know if there is a special way to make these, so I just fooled around until it worked. This is what I did. I sewed on the inside a loose gathering seam pulled it tight the spiraled it around a center point and secured it with a need and thread.

Then I went through my trusty button tin, and found this cute extra button from an old outfit’s extra button pack and sewed it onto the center.

I added the yellow ribbon around the bottom and center of the dress just to clean it up. and lastly tacked on the little pink rose. And here are the final results:

Oh the details.
(Actually, the cutest detail will be the baby Buddha belly tucked in this little number!)

And here is the sneak peek of the other project I started to make, but haven’t finished. It probably won’t happen for a while. But it is going to be pretty cute. Although I am already thinking of some changes.