My kids love to cook! I don’t necessarily enjoy the stress that comes with cooking with all three of my kids at once. Usually, I will only have one helper in the kitchen at a time. Anything above that, leaves me a frazzled mess! I also find they are more likely to eat, if they have helped prepare a meal.

When we get ready to prepare a dish, I either print off my recipe or pull it up on my phone. Not terribly exciting, but I don’t keep cookbooks, because I just don’t have the room. Most, if not all of my recipe inspiration comes straight from Pinterest or they are family recipes locked in my head. They have a few favorites and I thought it would be fun to make a cookbook together where they could store the recipes. Then, when it’s their turn to cook with me, they can pull out their kid cookbook for reference.


  • 3 brown paper lunch bags
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • A pen
  • Markers
  • Sewing machine or a glue stick

The books main structure is formed using the lunch bags. First, lay 3 bags on top of each other alternating their direction. Fold them in half, then sew or glue down the middle seam. You should now have a book with six pages. The three with the open side will serve as a place to store recipes. Next, measure and cut cardstock for each page of the book, including the cover and the back. Set aside for later.

Decide what will be going in the cookbook. We decided on soups, entrees, and desserts. Then, I had my son draw pictures of those three categories of food. I wrote out sayings, so that he could easily copy them using his own artistic flair. After we had all of the artwork, I cut it out and placed it onto the cut pieces of cardstock. At this point you can either or sew or glue them in place. After all the artwork is attached, then attach the cardstock to the pages of the book. Again, you can either sew or glue these down. If you are sewing, make sure to only sew the sides and bottom of the pieces that will be on the open side of the lunch bag. You want to leave the top open, because this is where you will store the recipes.

As a finishing touch, I had my son write out the three categories and I attached them in tab formation on the top of the cookbook. This will make it easy for them to flip to the right page.

Tomorrow is pizza night, so we are all set to go!

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