This pair is pretty easy so we thought we might share with you guys how we did it!

Supplies: Canvas Shoes, Pencil, Paint Brush, Fabric Paint.

How to make:
1. Start by using a pencil and sketching out rows onto the front section of your canvas shoes. You want to sketch it pretty light, but dark enough that you can see it to use as a guide.

2. Come up with some pattern ideas. We searched “Tribal patterns” on pinterest and google images and came up with a few designs we liked.

Use your pencil to lightly sketch your design onto the first row on your shoe. Fill in the design using a small paint brush and fabric paint.

3. Repeat your design horizontally along your row on both shoes so that they match.

4. Continue sketching different designs and filling them in with paint until you have the entire front section of your shoe covered. We also painted a black line around the front section of shoe to give it a more finished look.

You could paint the entire shoe in patterns if you wanted to, we decided not to on this pair, keeping them pretty simple.

We love painting canvas shoes. Do you like to customize your shoes?
via punkprojects