These cute homemade soaps have toy goldfish embedded inside to help make washing hands and even bath time more fun for kids. Plus they’re smaller guest sized soaps rather than full size soap bars making them perfect for small hands. Made from a crystal clear melt and pour soap base, these soaps are a snap to create so even the kids can get in on the crafting process. Due to the size of the toy embeds, however, these soaps are not recommended for any children under the age of three.


8.1 oz. clear glycerin melt and pour soap base
1 gram fragrance oil (or half for essential oil) of choice, optional

Tools & Equipment:

Round Guest Silicone Mold
Baker’s Math Kitchen Scale
Pyrex Prepware 2-Cup Measuring Cup
large kitchen or Chef’s knife
Bakers & Chefs Plastic Foodservice Film
6 vinyl gold fish toys
stirring utenstil


Begin by weighing out the melt and pour soap base. Cut into chunks and place inside the Pyrex measuring cup and heat in the microwave just until melted. Weigh out the fragrance or essential oil you’re using to scent the soap base if desired and stir into the melted soap.

Now pour a  small amount of the now liquid soap into each of the six soap cavities just to coat the bottom. Place a goldfish into each cavity, then fill the remainder of all cavities completely with the remaining soap. Allow to harden and set up completely at room temperature. Do not freeze these or the soap base will become cloudy.

Once the soaps have hardened completely, carefully push out of the mold, then wrap tightly in food service film until use.

These cute homemade soaps are not only perfect for kids and grandkids, but also are loads of fun as birthday party favors!

via soapdelinews