I have been wanting to make an herb holder for a long time.  {I’m hoping it will make me start cooking more at home, or at least make me look more domestic.}

This project was SUPER easy!  I bought a 2ft x 4 ft sheet of plywood from Lowe’s.
I laid three plastic containers that would be the size of my herb boxes on the plywood.

Then I drew lines on the plywood for how big I wanted to make the back of my herb holder.

For the herb boxes, I just used a 2 x 4 board to draw lines across the plywood the width of the 2×4.

Then I used a jig saw to cut on the lines.  {I don’t usually use the jig saw with my left hand, but I was trying to take this picture of myself, so I had my camera in my right hand.}

I cut those strips of plywood into smaller sections to make my herb boxes.

Because this wood is so thin, I thought the best route was to put this together with my glue gun.

I was TOTALLY not worried about making perfect boxes.  I didn’t care if all the pieces of the boxes lined up perfectly or if there were gaps.  I wanted this to look like an old fashion herb holder.  The imperfections just gave it character!

I used my level to space the boxes about 10 inches apart from the bottom of the boxes.

Then I hot glued the boxes to the back piece of the holder.  Believe me, those boxes are not going anywhere!

Next, I painted the herb holder with two coats of Pantone’s Emerald from Lowes.

This is a bright color of green.

Since I wanted my herb holder to look “vintage,”  I decided I needed to age it a little with some dark wax.

I absolutely LOVE the way it looks with the dark wax on it.

I wanted to label my herbs, so I used some chalkboard paint from Lowe’s and painted rectangles on the fronts of the boxes.

After the chalkboard paint was dry, I added the names of the herbs with a piece of chalk.

I lined each box with aluminum foil.  Then I placed the herb plants that I bought at Lowe’s into the black plastic containers and placed them on top of the aluminum foil.

I really love my little herb holder!  The herbs smell A-ma-zing!

Now I need to actually take the time to make a meal so that I can use them.

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